Wednesday, 9 November 2016



Water Safety

Visitors and locals alike enjoy the vast range of aquatic activities that the Auckland environment offers, whether at the beach, lake, river or pool, boating, fishing or diving.  Please be aware that water presents a potential hazard, for safety steps you can take when enjoying yourself in, on and under the water please

Beach Safety

Auckland beaches are beautiful and are great places to visit but please be aware they can  hazard - for safety steps you can take when enjoying yourself at Auckland’s beaches  Surf Life Saving New Zealand patrol over 80 of New Zealand’s busiest beaches each summer,  Always swim between the red and yellow patrol flags as they identify the safest area to swim when an active lifesaving patrol is on the beach. Never swim or surf alone on an unpatrolled beach.

Why visit?

Muriwai is a place of wild beauty. Just 40 minutes from the city centre, you can visit for a few hours or make a day of it. Ride the waves, take a dip or just enjoy the amazing views.
After seeing the gannets, stroll along the sand or take the 4-hour walk between Muriwai and Te Henga (Bethells Beach).
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Friday, 4 November 2016

Mr Blade - Cameo Writing

Walt use a model of good writing to improve my vocabulary.

His name was Mr Blade he was a tall, skinny, lovely man with a goatee and red velvet eyes. He never frowned.

He never yelled, he was never angry. He would put the price down if someone didn't have the right amount of money and helped people in need.

But the most mysterious thing about Mr Blade was that he had a time dagger. The time dagger was a useful thing it could stop time, reverse time and speed time up.

Despite these issues he was still a nice guy who sharpened swords impeccably.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

this is my drawing of 3d one point prospective here is the link!
originally bybanapli assur
walt draw a Birdseye view of a city street with one focus point

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Sheep heart

Sheep Heart
On Wednesday we dissected a sheep's heart with Mrs Proven. Mrs proven told us to examine the sheep’s heart before we used any of the scalpels. We had to listen to what Mrs Proven had to tell us before we cut through it. When we got permission to cut through the heart we got given scalpels to cut it. We weren't aloud to cut it yet because we had to learn about the heart

Mrs Proven told us about what happens in the heart and what the heart dose to keep you alive and moving. Me and Quinn had no gloves so we had to move it around with our hands also examining it . After that we had to put our finger through this hole that put blood into the body. Ms Proven also taught as a mini poem that went like this ‘’arteries away veins too capillary connect.’’

After we sang that song we started cutting it up and learning about what was in the heart and what it looks like inside. We had to cut it up even more of the heart into the thick side of the heart and find the tiny little veins that stuck out of the heart which the veins send blood to the body and keep your body moving. We also got to put them on tiles when we cut them.

Then we answered the questions that Mrs Proven asked us it was about the heart and what we learnt on the day. I think we did well on the day and had fun and no one lost an eye!